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Open source firmware for ESP devices~

Tasmota Logo Total local control with quick setup and updates.
Control using MQTT, Web UI, HTTP or serial.
Automate using timers, rules or scripts.
Integration with home automation solutions.
Incredibly expandable and flexible.

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Install Tasmota using a Chromium-based browser at

Current release~

Tasmota 12.0.2 Paul

Breaking Changes ⚠~

  • This version removes support for direct migration from versions before v8.1.0 (Doris)
  • Restructured tasmota source directories taking benefit from PlatformIO Core v6.0.2
  • Prepare to remove dedicated Home Assistant discovery in favour of Tasmota Discovery and hatasmota
  • ESP32 Tasmota SafeBoot with changed partition scheme allowing larger binaries
  • ESP32 increase Serial Bridge input buffer from 130 to 520 characters
  • Removed Arduino IDE support

New features~

See release notes for a complete list of new features, changes and bug fixes.

Join our communities and chat~

See Discord, Telegram, Reddit or Google Groups for general chat, feedback, questions and live troubleshooting.

Report bugs and suggest features~

Open a new topic on Tasmota discussions.

Report a bug in Tasmota issues.

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