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Open source firmware for ESP devices~

Tasmota Logo Total local control with quick setup and updates.
Control using MQTT, Web UI, HTTP or serial.
Automate using timers, rules or scripts.
Integration with home automation solutions.
Incredibly expandable and flexible.

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Install Tasmota using a Chrome based browser at

Current release~

Tasmota 9.5.0 Michael

  • ⚠ BREAKING ⚠ Lights using MQTT discovery will not work correcty as of Home Assistant 2021.5 due to new color modes. Upgrade to v9.5 of Tasmota and use Tasmota integration

  • new optional Template configuration field "CMND" to embed crucial configuration commands in the template string #11788

  • Support for MQTT using Azure IoT Hub
  • new binary tasmota-zigbee.bin for CC25xx Zigbee Bridge version for 4M+ flash.
  • new device IP is displayed in the UI after Wi-Fi initial config #12091
  • Allow discovery of MCP2300xx output as relay #12037
  • Defines USER_RULE1, USER_RULE2 and USER_RULE3 to store rules at compile time
  • Define USER_BACKLOG to store commands at compile time to be executed at firmware load or when executing command reset
  • New commands: TuyaSend5, Status0, MqttWifiTimeout
  • Acer projector support #12190


  • Preliminary alpha support for ESP32-C3 (RiscV based)
  • pull-down buttons Button_d and Button_id and switches Switch_d #10814
  • LVGL support for 3 buttons as rotary encoder #12035
  • LVGL support for touchscreen #12039
  • LVGL support for TrueType fonts via FreeType library #12087
  • LVGL support for PSRAM #12062
  • LVGL support for PNG images #12148
  • Support for BM8563 RTC chip (I2C) found in M5Stack Core2 and M5StickC #12199
  • I2S and Interrupt GPIO types #12192

See changelog for a complete list of new features, changes and bug fixes.

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