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Open source firmware for ESP8266 devices~

Tasmota Logo Total local control with quick setup and updates.
Control using MQTT, Web UI, HTTP or serial.
Automate using timers, rules or scripts.
Integration with home automation solutions.
Incredibly expandable and flexible.

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For OTA updates please use the new server and
Download latest Tasmotizer to use the new OTA server during flashing.

Current release~

Tasmota 9.1.0 Imogen*all documentation is for current release only

Christmas has come early:

  • Detach switches from relays and lights using command SetOption114 1
  • Added official Tasmota integration for Home Assistant. Still in beta

  • ⚠️ BREAKING CHANGE ⚠️ Redesigned GPIO representation changing Template layout. Read more...

  • ⚠️ BREAKING CHANGE ⚠️ Changed SetOption73 1 JSON result from {"ACTION":"SINGLE"} to {"Button1":{"Action":"SINGLE"}}

  • Added support for EZO sensors

  • Removed support for direct upgrade from Tasmota versions before v7.0. You have to follow the migration path.
  • Support for analog buttons indexed within standard button range
  • PlatformIO library structure redesigned for improved compilation speed
  • Added Vietnamese language tranlation
  • New commands: DimmerStep, NoDelay, PulseTime<x>, ShutterChange, SO114, SwitchMode 15, SwitchText, SO113, ZbMap, ZbOccupancy,

See changelog for a complete list of new features, changes and fixes.

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