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Open source firmware for ESP devices~

Tasmota Logo Total local control with quick setup and updates.
Control using MQTT, Web UI, HTTP or serial.
Automate using timers, rules or scripts.
Integration with home automation solutions.
Incredibly expandable and flexible.

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Install Tasmota using a Chrome based browser at

Current release~

Tasmota 10.1.0 Noelle

  • Step lighting effect for addressable LEDs
  • Support for venetian blinds with tilt
  • Gratuitous ARP enabled by default and set to 60 seconds
  • New peripherals: HDC2010 temperature and humidity sensor, 74x595 shift registers,
  • New commands: Scheme 13, StepPixels, IfxPeriod
  • ESP32
    • Autoconfiguration file support
    • Preliminary support for Tasmota Apps (.tapp extenion)
    • OTA possible over HTTPS
    • HTTPS support to WebQuery
    • Berry support for addressable LEDs (WS2812, SK6812)

See release notes for a complete list of new features, changes and bug fixes.

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See Discord, Telegram, Reddit or Google Groups for general chat, feedback, questions and live troubleshooting.

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Open a new topic on Tasmota discussions.

Report a bug in Tasmota issues.

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