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Any contribution helps our team and makes Tasmota better for the entire community!

You can contribute by:

  • providing Pull Requests (Features, Proof of Concepts, Language files or Fixes)
  • testing new released features and report issues
  • donating to acquire hardware for testing and implementing or out of gratitude
  • contributing documentation for features and devices
  • submitting new device templates
  • fixing spelling mistakes, broken links and other errors in the documentation
  • writing guides on wiring and using sensors or your DIY projects featuring Tasmota

Editing Articles~

You need a GitHub user account to be able to edit

If you spot an error in an article use the pencil icon link at the top of the page, near the title, to correct it. This version of documentation uses strict markdown syntax with some enhancements. See Markdown Cheatsheet for all features

You'll be taken to the GitHub repository page of that file, after a "fork" (copy) of the docs are made into your own GitHub account.

Edit file

Click on the edit button (pencil icon). Edit/Add the text you wanted. When finished find the Propose changes button at the bottom and click it.

Propose file change

Next you need to click Create pull request which is GitHub speak for propose changes. Create pull request

In the PR window add a small description of what you did and click Create pull request Create pull request

Now you wait for one of the Tasmota admins to approve your PR (or deny 😈, no guarantees!)


You've made a contribution to the Tasmota project making it a better experience for all future users. Thank you!

Adding devices to the documentation~

If you're adding a new page, go to documentation GitHub and click Create new file, name the file with .md extension.