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ESP32 Support (Early alpha development)~

ESP32 support is in early alpha and only basic functions will work

Compiling for ESP32~

Rename platformio_override_sample.ini to platformio_override.ini and uncomment tasmota32 in line #28. Next build will create a tasmota32.bin.


Activate user_config_override.h~

To use your user_config_override.h in tasmota32 you need to uncomment line 254.


Templates and Known Devices~

Some known device templates and configurations

LilyGO TTGO T-Camera OV2640_V05~

In platformio_override.ini uncomment the line with tasmota32-camera.bin and set the correct COM port.

In user_config_override.h add:

#define USE_BMP
#define USE_DISPLAY_SSD1306
#define HOW_SPLASH

Upload via USB, then apply the following Template:


To make the device work nicely, change the following settings in the Console:

Camera settings to correct orientation (USB on the bottom):

WCMirror ON
WCResolution 6
WCSaturation 0
WCBrightness -1
WCContrast 1

Display Settings (USB on the bottom):

DisplayRotate 2
DisplayCols 21
DisplayRows 7
DisplayMode 2

BME280 Settings (it is not very trustable):

HumOffset 10
TempOffset -15