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I2C devices~

Tasmota supports several I2C devices but to use them they mostly need to be enabled at compile time to solve possible address conflicts.

Using command I2cDriver individual drivers can be enabled or disabled at runtime allowing duplicate I2C addresses at compile time. Use the Index from the table below to control I2C drivers like I2cDriver10 0 for disabling BMP support.

Supported I2C devices~

The following table lists the supported I2C devices

Index Define Driver Device Address(es) Description
1 USE_PCA9685 xdrv_15 PCA9685 0x40 - 0x47 16-channel 12-bit pwm driver
2 USE_PCF8574 xdrv_28 PCF8574 0x20 - 0x26 8-bit I/O expander
2 USE_PCF8574 xdrv_28 PCF8574A 0x39 - 0x3F 8-bit I/O expander
3 USE_DISPLAY_LCD xdsp_01 0x27, 0x3F LCD display
4 USE_DISPLAY_SSD1306 xdsp_02 SSD1306 0x3C - 0x3D Oled display
5 USE_DISPLAY_MATRIX xdsp_03 HT16K33 0x70 - 0x77 8x8 led matrix
6 USE_DISPLAY_SH1106 xdsp_07 SH1106 0x3C - 0x3D Oled display
7 USE_ADE7953 xnrg_07 ADE7953 0x38 Energy monitor
8 USE_SHT xsns_07 SHT1X Any Temperature and Humidity sensor
9 USE_HTU xsns_08 HTU21 0x40 Temperature and Humidity sensor
9 USE_HTU xsns_08 SI7013 0x40 Temperature and Humidity sensor
9 USE_HTU xsns_08 SI7020 0x40 Temperature and Humidity sensor
9 USE_HTU xsns_08 SI7021 0x40 Temperature and Humidity sensor
10 USE_BMP xsns_09 BMP085 0x76 - 0x77 Pressure and temperature sensor
10 USE_BMP xsns_09 BMP180 0x76 - 0x77 Pressure and temperature sensor
10 USE_BMP xsns_09 BMP280 0x76 - 0x77 Pressure and temperature sensor
10 USE_BMP xsns_09 BME280 0x76 - 0x77 Pressure, temperature and humidity sensor
10 USE_BMP xsns_09 BME680 0x76 - 0x77 Pressure, temperature, humidity and gas sensor
11 USE_BH1750 xsns_10 BH1750 0x23, 0x5C Ambient light intensity sensor
12 USE_VEML6070 xsns_11 VEML6070 0x38 - 0x39 Ultra violet light intensity sensor
13 USE_ADS1115 xsns_12 ADS1115 0x48 - 0x4B 4-channel 16-bit A/D converter
14 USE_INA219 xsns_13 INA219 0x40 - 0x41, 0x44 - 0x45 Low voltage current sensor
15 USE_SHT3X xsns_14 SHT3X 0x44 - 0x45 Temperature and Humidity sensor
15 USE_SHT3X xsns_14 SHTC3 0x70 Temperature and Humidity sensor
16 USE_TSL2561 xsns_16 TSL2561 0x29, 0x39, 0x49 Light intensity sensor
17 USE_MGS xsns_19 Grove 0x04 Multichannel gas sensor
18 USE_SGP30 xsns_21 SGP30 0x58 Gas (TVOC) and air quality sensor
19 USE_SI1145 xsns_24 SI1145 0x60 Ultra violet index and light sensor
19 USE_SI1145 xsns_24 SI1146 0x60 Ultra violet index and light sensor
19 USE_SI1145 xsns_24 SI1147 0x60 Ultra violet index and light sensor
20 USE_LM75AD xsns_26 LM75AD 0x48 - 0x4F Temperature sensor
21 USE_APDS9960 xsns_27 APDS9960 0x39 Proximity ambient light RGB and gesture sensor
22 USE_MCP230xx xsns_29 MCP23008 0x20 - 0x26 16-bit I/O expander
22 USE_MCP230xx xsns_29 MCP23017 0x20 - 0x26 16-bit I/O expander
23 USE_MPR121 xsns_30 MPR121 0x5A - 0x5D Proximity capacitive touch sensor
24 USE_CCS811 xsns_31 CCS811 0x5A Gas (TVOC) and air quality sensor
25 USE_MPU6050 xsns_32 MPU6050 0x68 - 0x69 3-axis gyroscope and temperature sensor
26 USE_DS3231 xsns_33 DS3231 0x68 Real time clock
27 USE_MGC3130 xsns_36 MGC3130 0x42 Electric field sensor
28 USE_MAX44009 xsns_41 MAX44009 0x4A - 0x4B Ambient light intensity sensor
29 USE_SCD30 xsns_42 SCD30 0x61 CO2 sensor
30 USE_SPS30 xsns_44 SPS30 0x69 Particle sensor
31 USE_VL53L0X xsns_45 VL53L0X 0x29 Time-of-flight (ToF) distance sensor
32 USE_MLX90614 xsns_46 MLX90614 0x5A Infra red temperature sensor
33 USE_CHIRP xsns_48 CHIRP 0x20 Soil moisture sensor
34 USE_PAJ7620 xsns_50 PAJ7620 0x73 Gesture sensor
35 USE_INA226 xsns_54 INA226 0x40 - 0x41, 0x44 - 0x45 Low voltage current sensor
36 USE_HIH6 xsns_55 HIH6130 0x27 Temperature and Humidity sensor
37 USE_24C256 xdrv_10 24C256 0x50 Scripter EEPROM storage
38 USE_DISPLAY_ILI9488 xdsp_08 FT6236 0x38 Touch panel controller
39 USE_DISPLAY_RA8876 xdsp_10 FT5316 0x38 Touch panel controller
40 USE_TSL2591 xsns_57 TLS2591 0x29 Light intensity sensor
41 USE_DHT12 xsns_58 DHT12 0x5C Temperature and humidity sensor
42 USE_DS1624 xsns_59 DS1621 0x48 - 0x4F Temperature sensor
42 USE_DS1624 xsns_59 DS1624 0x48 - 0x4F Temperature sensor
43 USE_AHT1x xsns_63 AHT10/15 0x38 - 0x39 Temperature and humidity sensor
43 USE_AHT2x xsns_63 AHT20 0x38 Temperature and humidity sensor
44 USE_WEMOS_MOTOR_V1 xdrv_34 0x2D - 0x30 WEMOS motor shield v1.0.0 (6612FNG)
45 USE_HDC1080 xsns_65 HDC1080 0x40 Temperature and Humidity sensor
46 USE_IAQ xsns_66 IAQ 0x5a Air quality sensor
47 USE_DISPLAY_SEVENSEG xdsp_11 HT16K33 0x70 - 0x77 Seven segment LED
48 USE_AS3935 xsns_67 AS3935 0x03 Franklin Lightning Sensor
49 USE_VEML6075 xsns_70 VEML6075 0x10 UVA/UVB/UVINDEX Sensor
50 USE_VEML7700 xsns_71 VEML7700 0x10 Ambient light intensity sensor
51 USE_MCP9808 xsns_72 MCP9808 0x18 - 0x1F Temperature sensor
52 USE_HP303B xsns_73 HP303B 0x76 - 0x77 Pressure and temperature sensor
53 USE_MLX90640 xdrv_43 MLX90640 0x33 IR array temperature sensor
54 USE_VL53L1X xsns_77 VL53L1X 0x29 Time-of-flight (ToF) distance sensor
55 USE_EZOPH xsns_78 EZOPH 0x61 - 0x70 pH sensor
55 USE_EZOORP xsns_78 EZOORP 0x61 - 0x70 ORP sensor
55 USE_EZORTD xsns_78 EZORTD 0x61 - 0x70 Temperature sensor
55 USE_EZOHUM xsns_78 EZOHUM 0x61 - 0x70 Humidity sensor
55 USE_EZOEC xsns_78 EZOEC 0x61 - 0x70 Electric conductivity sensor
55 USE_EZOCO2 xsns_78 EZOCO2 0x61 - 0x70 CO2 sensor
55 USE_EZOO2 xsns_78 EZOO2 0x61 - 0x70 O2 sensor
55 USE_EZOPRS xsns_78 EZOPRS 0x61 - 0x70 Pressure sensor
55 USE_EZOFLO xsns_78 EZOFLO 0x61 - 0x70 Flow meter sensor
55 USE_EZODO xsns_78 EZODO 0x61 - 0x70 Disolved Oxygen sensor
55 USE_EZORGB xsns_78 EZORGB 0x61 - 0x70 Color sensor
55 USE_EZOPMP xsns_78 EZOPMP 0x61 - 0x70 Peristaltic Pump
56 USE_SEESAW_SOIL xsns_81 SEESOIL 0x36 - 0x39 Adafruit seesaw soil moisture sensor
57 USE_TOF10120 xsns_84 TOF10120 0x52 Time-of-flight (ToF) distance sensor
58 USE_MPU_ACCEL xsns_85 MPU_ACCEL 0x68 MPU6886/MPU9250 6-axis MotionTracking sensor from M5Stack
59 USE_BM8563 xdrv_56 BM8563 0x51 BM8563 RTC from M5Stack
60 USE_AM2320 xsns_88 AM2320 0x5C Temperature and Humidity sensor
61 USE_T67XX xsns_89 T67XX 0x15 CO2 sensor
62 USE_SCD40 xsns_92 SCD40 0x62 CO2 sensor Sensirion SCD40/SCD41
63 USE_HM330X xsns_93 HM330X 0x40 Particule sensor
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