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I2S Audio ~

This feature is not included in precompiled binaries

When compiling your build add the following to user_config_override.h: To use it you must compile your build. Add the following to user_config_override.h:

#ifndef USE_I2S_AUDIO
#define USE_I2S_AUDIO   // Add support for I2S audio output

#ifndef USE_I2S_MIC
#define USE_I2S_MIC       // in case you want to use a microphone

// in case you want to use a microphone with mp3 encoding, this also requires PSRAM
#ifndef USE_SHINE
#define USE_SHINE       // use mp3 encoding     
remark: USE_M5STACK_CORE2, USE_TTGO_WATCH and ESP32S3_BOX automatically include i2s audio

Only supported on ESP32 chips (except ESP32-C3)

Hardware Required~

Audio Output~

For audio output an I2S DAC Audio breakout must be provided. There are several brands available

Audio Input~

For microphone input an I2S microphone must be provided. There are also several brands available.

Connecting the I2S hardware to an ESP32~

SD nc
VIN 3.3-5V
GND Ground
I2S micro ESP32-GPIO
L/R Ground
VDD 3.3V
GND Ground

Tasmota Commands~

CMD ADC action
i2splay /file.mp3 = plays an mp3 audio file from the file system, the systems blocks until sound is played
i2splay +/file.mp3 = plays an mp3 audio file from the file system, sound is played in a separate task not blocking the system
i2sgain 0..100 = sets the loudness of the audio signal
i2ssay text = speaks the text you typed (only English language supported)
i2stime tells current time, (only if #define USE_I2S_SAY_TIME is defined
CMD micro action
i2srec /file.mp3 = starts recording an mp3 audio file to the file system, no blocking
i2srec stops recording
-? = shows how many seconds already recorded
i2smgain 1..50 = sets the gain factor of the microphone

Web Radio Support~

(PSRAM needed)

#define USE_I2S_WEBRADIO          // Add support mp3 webradio streaming
CMD WR action
i2swr url = starts playing an mp3 audio radio stream, no blocking
i2swr stops playing

MP3 Streaming Support~

Starts an mp3 streaming server on port 81 which can stream microphone audio to a browser (PSRAM needed)

#ifndef MP3_MIC_STREAM
#define MP3_MIC_STREAM          // Add support for mp3 audio streaming

#define MP3_STREAM_PORT 81  // if defined overwrites the default 81

I2S Audio Bridge Support~

Starts an UDP audio service to connect 2 ESP32 devices as an audio intercom. Needs audio output and microphone on 2 devices (no PSRAM needed)

#ifndef I2S_BRIDGE
#define I2S_BRIDGE          // Add support for udp pcm audio bridge

#define I2S_BRIDGE_PORT 6970 // if defined overwrites the default 6970
CMD bridge action
i2sbridge ip = sets the IP of the slave device
i2sbridge Sets microphone swap
6 = swapped
7 = not swapped
i2sbridge Sets master mode
4 = master
5 = slave
i2sbridge pN p<x> = sets the push to talk button to GPIO pin number <x>
i2sbridge Starts the bridge in write or read mode
1 = read
2 = write
3 = loopback
0 = stop

If a push to talk button is defined: the bridge goes to write mode if the button is pushed and to read mode if the button is released