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MLX90640 Far infrared thermal sensor array~

This feature is not included in precompiled binaries

When compiling your build add the following to user_config_override.h:

#ifndef USE_MLX90640
#define USE_MLX90640        // [I2cDriver53] Enable MLX90640 IR array temperature sensor (I2C address 0x33) (+20k code)

The MLX90640 is an IR sensor array of 32x24 pixels, that is connected via a usual I2C-connection. Intended use case is to measure multiple points of interest of an object without the need to directly put a sensor on it, for instance if you are not allowed to apply hardware modifications to a heating. The update frequency of the measurements is approximately 1 per second. In the first driver version 6 POI‘s are freely selectable (POI1..6). POI-0 is reserved for the ambient temperature of the sensor (Ta).
Data is published at Teleperiod as an array [POI-0...6]:

    "Time": "2020-09-11T09:18:08",
    "MLX90640": {
        "Temperature": [30.8, 28.5, 24.2, 25.7, 24.5, 24.6, 24.9]
    "TempUnit": "C"



MLX90640 ESP
VCC 3.3V

Tasmota Settings~

In the Configuration -> Configure Module page assign:

  1. GPIOx to I2C SDA
  2. GPIOy to I2C SCL

After a reboot the driver will detect MLX90614 automatically and display Temperature measurements.


MLXPOIn xxyy, n ist poi 1...6, xx 0...31, yy 0...23
Example: Point 2 at x:12 and y:08 results in mlxpoi2 1208

The configuration can be saved via RULES.


In order to find the correct coordinates a thermal view is provided via webGUI, where points can be validated and/or updated. A stable Wifi-setup is mandatory for reliable operation.

Breakout Boards~