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Beginners Guide to adding Tasmota Matter to Google Home~

Google Home will not accept devices using a test Vendor ID like Tasmota does. To pair Tasmota with Google Home you will need a Matter compatible Google device and the following procedure to enable Tasmota for your Google Home account.

Create a Project~

Open Google Home Developer Console logged in under the same account used for Google Home.

Click on Create a project then Create project. Enter a name for your project (e.g., "Matter Tasmota").

Step 1

Add Matter Integration~

Click on "Add Matter Integration"

Step 2

Click Next: Develop then Next:Setup

Enter Device Information~

Enter the name for the devices used.

Step 3

Vendor ID needs to be 0xFFF1 as selected by default.

Product ID used by Tasmota devices is 0x8000.

Once you've filled out the required fields click on Save & continue

Configure setup and branding (optional)~

At this step you can change the images used in Google Home app during device commissioning. There is no need to fill out Android package name field.

Step 4

Click Save

Setup Complete~

Main page will now have an integration as shown:

Step 5

Add Device to Google Home~

Activate Open Commissioning on the Tasmota device and then click on add new device, then select New device in the Google Home app. Tasmota device should be discovered as a Matter device. Scan the QR code from the web UI and click on Agree to connect the Tasmota device to Google Home.

Step 7