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How to setup and configure PlatformIO for Tasmota compilation and upload.

Download PlatformIO~

Download PlatformIO from

Install PlatformIO~

Install PlatformIO to a known folder.

Download Tasmota~

Download the latest Tasmota Source code from and unzip to another known folder.

Compile Tasmota~

Choose the Tasmota variant from the Platformio menu.

Upload Tasmota~

PlatformIO uses the serial interface to upload the firmware to your device. On Windows these interfaces are named COM ports (COM1, COM2, etc.). On Linux these interfaces are named TTY ports (e.g., /dev/ttyUSB0, /dev/ttyUSB1, etc.).

Put device into programming mode~

When performing a firmware upload do not connect the device to AC. Use a 3.3v DC power supply such as that provided by your serial programming adapter.

Put the device in programming mode by grounding pin GPIO0 and then applying power (e.g., connecting your computer to the serial adapter). Grounding pin GPIO0 can often be achieved by pressing the button on the device or using a wire between GPIO0 and GND if the button is not available. Deviations may apply.

Perform serial upload~

Select Upload from the menu.

NOTE: For a proper device initialization after first firmware upload power down and power up the device.