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Serial to TCP Bridge~

This feature is included only in tasmota-zbbridge and tasmota-zbbrdgpro binaries

When compiling your build add the following to user_config_override.h:

#define USE_TCP_BRIDGE          //  Add support for Serial to TCP bridge (+1.3k code)

Connect to a serial device over the network, also known as ser2net

This feature can be used to add a "serial to network" functionality to a device that is otherwise serial only. You connect the device to a ESP8266/ESP32 and Tasmota will bridge between serial and network.

This is commonly used with a CCxxxx Zigbee based module to connect it to a remote ZHA or zigbee2mqtt instance.


  • TCPBaudRate <x>: sets the baud rate for serial (only 8N1 mode), min 1200, max 115200 by 1200 increments.
  • TCPStart <port>: listens to port <port>. This features supports 2 parallel TCP connections, which can be useful if you need a terminal + a specific protocol (like XMODEM). The 3rd connection will disconnect a previous connection. The number of parallel connections is a compile-time option. Note that this can be accessed by any host on the network and may have security implications.
  • TCPStart <port>,<ip address>: listens to port <port>, but only allows connections from the provided IPv4 address. Any connections from a different host will be immediately closed.
  • TCPStart 0 or TCPStart: shuts down the TCP server and disconnects any existing connection(s).

For security reasons, the TCP bridge is not started at boot, and requires an explicit TCPStart command (this can be automated with Rules).


First assign two GPIOs to TCP Tx (208) and TCP Rx (209) types in the "Configure Module" page. The Rx/Tx are relative to the ESP device. For example with ESP01's hardware serial, set GPIO1 as TCP Tx and GPIO3 as TCP Rx.

Then set baud rate with TCPBaudRate and port with TCPStart.

You can add a rule to start the TCP server at boot.
To do this for port 8888 and allow connections only from host, run Rule1 ON System#Boot do TCPStart 8888, endon then enable with Rule1 1 and restart the device.

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