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Subscribe & Unsubscribe

This feature is not included in precompiled binaries

To use it you must compile your build. Add the following to user_config_override.h:



Subscribes to an MQTT topic and assigns an Event name to it.

Subscribe <eventName>, <mqttTopic> [, <key>]

The <key> parameter is specified when you need to parse a key/value pair from a JSON payload in the MQTT message. In order to parse a value from a multi-level JSON pair, you can use one dot (.) syntax to split the key into sections.

You subscribe to an MQTT topic and assign an event name. Once the subscribed MQTT message is received the configured event will be triggered.

Command without any parameters will list all currently subscribed topics.

You can set up a rule with ON EVENT#<event_name> DO ... ENDON to do what you want based on this MQTT message. The payload is passed as a parameter once the event has been triggered. If the payload is in JSON format, you are able to get the value of specified key as a parameter.

For example, if you have a Tasmota based thermostat and multiple temperature sensors in different locations, usually you have to set up a home automation system like Domoticz to control the thermostat. Right now, with this new feature, you can write a rule to do this.


  ON mqtt#connected DO Subscribe BkLight, stat/%topic%/POWER ENDON
  ON Event#BkLight=ON DO <command> ENDON
  ON mqtt#connected DO Subscribe DnTemp, stat/%topic%/SENSOR, DS18B20.Temperature ENDON
  ON Event#DnTemp>=21 DO <command> ENDON

where the MQTT message payload is `{"Time":"2017-02-16T10:13:52", "DS18B20":{"Temperature":20.6}}`


Unsubscribe from topics which were subscribed to using the Subscribe command.

Unsubscribe from a specific MQTT topic
Unsubscribe <eventName>

The command without a parameter will unsubscribe from all currently subscribed topics.

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