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Supported Peripherals~

Name Description Connection
74x595 74x595 shift register gpio
A4988 Stepper motor controller
ADC Analog input over A0 pin analog
ADS111x A/D Converter I2C
AHT1x Asair AHT10/AHT15 temperature and humidity sensor I2C
AHT2x Asair AHT20/AHT21/AHT25/AM2301B temperature and humidity sensor I2C
AM2301 / DHT21
AM2302 / DHT22
Temperature and humidity sensor gpio
AM2301B Temperature and humidity sensor
Uses same driver as AHT2X
AM2320 Temperature and humidity sensor gpio
AS608 AS608 pptical and R503 capacitive fingerprint sensors serial
AS3935 Franklin lightning sensor serial
APDS-9960 Ambient light, RGB color and proximity sensor with gesture detection I2C
AZ 7798 CO2 meter datalogger
BH1750 Luminosity sensor
Pressure sensor
BME280 temperature, humidity and pressure sensor I2C
temperature, humidity, pressure and gas sensor I2C
Buzzer Audio signalling device gpio
CC2530 TI CC2530 Zigbee adapter serial
CCS811 Gas and air quality sensor I2C
Chirp! Soil Moisture sensor Moisture sensor I2C
DFR0299 DFRobot DFPlayer mini MP3 player serial
DHT11 Temperature and humidity sensor gpio
DHT12 Temperature and humidity sensor gpio
DY-SV17F DY-SV17F MP3 player serial
DYP-ME007 Ultrasonic distance sensor serial
DS18x20 Temperature sensor 1-Wire
Temperature sensor 1-Wire
DS3231 Real time clock I2C
DS3502 Digital potentiometer I2C
EZO EZO series of chemical sensors I2C
F&F LE-01MR F&F LE-01MR single phase Modbus energy meter
GDK101 Gamma radiation sensor I2C
GGreg20_V3 Ionizing radiation detector gpio (ESP32 only)
GM861 Barcode and QR code reader serial
GPS-NTP-server GPS NTP server serial
ENS161 Air quality sensor I2C
HDC1080 Texas Instruments HDC1080 humidity and temperature sensor I2C
HDC2010 Texas Instruments HDC2010 humidity and temperature sensor I2C
HM-10 BLE Bluetooth gateway serial
Bluetooth iBeacon reader serial
HMC5883L 3-channels magnetic field sensor I2C
HP303B Barometric pressure sensor I2C
HYTxx Temperature and humidity sensor I2C
HR-E Water meter encoder interface serial
HRG-15 Hydreon RG-15 rain gauge sensor serial
HRXL MaxBotix HRXL line of sonar ranging sensors gpio
Ultrasonic sensor gpio
HM330x SeedStudio Grove HM3301 particulate matter sensor I2C
HMC5883L 3-Axis digital compass sensor I2C
HLK-LD2410 24GHz mmWave presence sensor serial
Honeywell HIH Temperature and humidity sensor I2C
Honeywell HPMA115xx Particulate matter sensor serial
HTU21 Temperature and humidity sensor I2C
HX711 Load cell sensor gpio
HRG15 Solid state rain sensor serial
I2S Audio I2S audio DAC and microphone I2s
iAQ-Core Indoor air quality sensor I2C
iEM3000 Schenider Electric Modbus energy meter serial
High-side DC current and voltage sensor I2C
INA226 High-side or Low-side DC current and voltage sensor I2C
IR Remote IR transmitter and receiver
K30, K70, S8 SenseAir CO2 sensors serial
Temperature sensor I2C
LMT01 Temperature sensor gpio
MAX17043 LiPo fuel gauge I2C
Thermocouple sensor SPI
MAX31865 RTD temperature sensor amplifier SPI
MAX44009 Ambient light sensor I2C
I/O expander I2C
MCP2515 CAN bus controller SPI
MCP9808 Temperature sensor I2C
ME007 Ultrasonic distance sensor gpio
MFRC522 NFC tag reader SPI
MGC3130 3D tracking and gesture Controller
MH-Z19B CO2 sensor
MLX90614 MLX9061X infrared thermometer I2C
MLX90640 MLX90640 far infrared thermal sensor array I2C
MPR121 Proximity capacitive touch sensor controller (I2C)
MPU6050 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer sensor (I2C)
MQ MQ sensors (MQ-02, MQ-03, MQ-04, MQ-05, MQ-06, MQ-07, MQ-08, MQ-09, MQ-131, MQ-135) analog
MS01 Moisture sensor from Sonoff 1wire
NeoPool Sugar Valley NeoPool controller serial
NRF24L01 NRF24L01 as BLE-bridge for Mijia BT sensors SPI
OpenTherm OpenTherm adapter serial
P1 Smart Meter Energy meter serial
PAJ7620 Gesture & proximity detection sensor
PIR Passive infrared sensor gpio
PCA9557 I/O expander I2C
PCA9685 16-channel, 12-bit PWM LED controller I2C
PCA9632 4-channel, 8-bit PWM LED controller I2C
PCF8574(A) 8-port I/O expander I2C

Particle concentration sensor serial
PMSA003I Air quality sensor I2C
PN532 NFC/RFID controller
Energy monitor serial
QMC5883L Magnetic field sensor I2C
RCWL-0516 Microwave radar presence detection
RDM6300 125Khz RFID module
RF Transceiver IR receiver and/or transmitter
RF sensor receiver gpio
SCD30 CO2 sensor I2C
CO2 sensor I2C
Eastron SDM72 Modbus energy meter serial
Eastron SDM120 Modbus energy meter serial
Eastron SDM220 Modbus energy meter serial
Eastron SDM230 Modbus energy meter serial
Eastron SDM630 Modbus energy meter serial
YF-DN50 Flow rate meter gpio
Laser dust sensor
SEN0390 Ambient light sensor I2C
SEN5X All-in-one environmental sensor I2C
SGP30 Gas and air Quality sensor I2C
SGP40 Gas and air Quality sensor I2C
SGP41 VOC and NOx sensor I2C
SHT1x Temperature and humidity sensor I2C
SHT30 Temperature and humidity sensor I2C
SHT4x Temperature and humidity sensor I2C
SI114x UV index, IR and visible light sensor I2C
Si7021 Temperature and humidity sensor I2C
SK6812 Addressable LEDs
Smart Meter Interface Smart Meter Interface serial, gpio
SolaX X1 SolaX Power X1 inverter serial
SPS30 Particulate matter sensor
Telaire T6700 series CO2 sensor I2C
TC74 Temperature sensor I2C
Téléinfo French energy measuring system serial
TFMini TFmini, TFmini Plus, TFmini Plus (indoor Version), TFmini-S LiDAR module serial
TM1638 8 Switch, LED and 7-segment unit sensor gpio
TSL2561 Luminosity sensor I2C
TSL2591 Luminosity sensor I2C
La Crosse TX2x / Technoline WS2300-15 anemometer (wind sensor) gpio
VEML6070 UV sensor I2C
VEML7700 Ambient light intensity sensor I2C
VL53L0x Time of flight sensor I2C
VL53L1x Time of flight sensor I2C
VINDRIKTNING IKEA VINDRIKTNING particle concentration sensor serial
WindMeter Analog cup anemometer
Winsen ZH03B Particle concentration sensor serial
WS2812B Wemos shield with addressable LED
Addressable LEDs
Xadow Grove Mutichannel Gas sensor Gas sensor I2C
InvenSense ICP-10125 Barometer/pressure sensor I2C

Google Sheet list of supported peripherals

sensor API Documentation

Expanding Specific Devices~