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Tasmota Device Manager or TDM is a GUI application written in Python for discovery and monitoring of Tasmota flashed devices.



  • clean, readable interface
  • autodetection of devices following the default topic template for Tasmota (%prefix%/%topic%/) and for HomeAssistant Auto Discovery protocol (%topic%/%prefix%/)
  • module and GPIO configuration
  • rules editor
  • devices with different syntax can be added manually
  • clean retained MQTT topic messages
  • toggleable active querying of telemetry
  • passive monitoring of state and telemetry (currently supported sensors are listed in "status8.json")
  • relay control via context menu on device list (all ON/OFF, or individual)
  • MQTT console with payload preview (dbl-click an entry to display), sorting and filtering
  • selectable detail columns in device list
  • BSSID aliasing for larger deployments


Python 3.6+ is required. Clone the repo or download zip and extract, install prerequisites and run using Python binary.



pip install PyQt5


pip install paho-mqtt