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This feature is not included in precompiled binaries.

See below how to build you own Tasmota with Teleinfo enabled.


Teleinfo is an Tasmota ENERGY driver for energy meters installed by French national electricity grid manager Enedis in all households. Teleinfo driver works with either legacy meters or the new Linky meters. It is based on Charles Hallard's LibTeleinfo.

Teleinfo driver features:

  • Support for Legacy mode (mode Historique at 1200 baud) or Standard mode (9600 baud)
  • Extract fields to feed Tasmota standard ENERGY module allowing Tasmota to report standard SENSOR.ENERGY messages and all related features (PowerDelta, margins, ...)
  • Publish raw Teleinfo frame to MQTT for processing by the backend

Support in french is available on Charles Hallard forums.

Compiling with support for Teleinfo~

As the feature is not included by default, you must compile your build.

To enable Teleinfo, add the following line in your user_config_override.h and compile tasmota or tasmota32.


Configure GPIOs for Teleinfo~

Serial reception~

Once you have flashed Tasmota with the support for Teleinfo, you need to configure the proper GPIO to receive the Teleinfo serial data with "TInfo RX"

On ESP8266, suitable pins are

  • Standard UART0 RX pin on GPIO3 RX on GPIO3
  • Alternate UART0 RX pin on GPIO13 (D7) RX on D7

On ESP32, suitable pins are

  • To be completed

Optional enable pin~

An optional Enable GPIO can be configured as "TInfo EN". Any GPIO can be used for that purpose (D5/GPIO14 here below is just an exemple):

EN on D5

TODO : Explain usage of EN pin

After selecting the GPIOs, click on "SAVE" and Tasmota will reboot.

Configuring Teleinfo~

You can customize Teleinfo with the command EnergyConfig <command> <parameter>. The list of supported commands and parameters are:

Command Parameters
Without any command and parameter, displays the current active configuration.
Historique Set Teleinfo in legacy (historique) mode at 1200 baud.
Standard Set Teleinfo in standard mode at 9600 baud.
NoRaw Disable sending of raw frame (see below).
Full Enable sending of all frames in raw mode.
Changed Enable sending raw frames only when data has changed.
Skip n Skips n frames before sending raw frame.
Limit Limit raw frames to values subject fo fast change (Power, Current, ...)

TODO : Tell if some config make Tasmota restart or if Tasmota must be restarted to be taken into account.

Energy from Teleinfo~

TODO explain which Teleinfo data is read and how it is used by Tasmota

Raw frames~

TODO Describe the format of raw frames and usage of the configuration commands

Raw frames in legacy mode~

Raw frames in standard mode~

Hardware information~

You can find information such as schematics and wiring diagrams on Charles Hallard blog

TODO may be copy some standard schematics ?

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