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Timers allow you to automate your device based on time triggers

To control a device locally 16 timers are programmable. They can be configured with the Timer<x> command followed by a JSON payload with optional parameters. For example:

Timer 1 will ENABLE output of POWER1 at exactly 2:23 every Tue/Wed and Sat

Timer1 {"Enable":1,"Time":"02:23","Window":0,"Days":"--TW--S","Repeat":1,"Output":1,"Action":1}

Timer 4 will TOGGLE output of POWER2 within a 30 minute window centered around 16:23 each Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday and will disable (disarm) after executing.

Timer4 {"Enable":1,"Time":"16:23","Window":15,"Days":"SM00TF0","Repeat":0,"Output":2,"Action":2}

When Mode 1 or Mode 2 is used, Latitude and Longitude become available. In that case the Time value is always used as an offset so make sure to set it to 00:00 if no offset is wanted.

Timer1 {"Enable":1,"Mode":2,"Time":"-2:23","Window":0,"Days":"11TW11S","Repeat":1,"Output":1,"Action":1}


Command Parameters
Latitude <value> = set latitude
Longitude <value> = set longitude
Timers Timers control
0 = disable all timers  » v6.2.0
1 = enable all timers
2 = toggle all timers
Timer<x> Parameters for Timer<x> where x = 1..16
0 = clear parameters for Timer<x>  » v6.2.0
1..16 = copy Timer<y> parameters to Timer<x>
{ "name":value ; .. } = set all or individual parameters using JSON payload with names and values of data pairs from the table below

JSON Payload Anatomy~

JSON Name JSON Value
Enable 0 = disarm or disable timer
1 = arm or enable timer
Mode 0 = use clock time
1 = Use local sunrise time using Longitude, Latitude and Time offset
2 = use local sunset time using Longitude, Latitude and Time offset
Time hh:mm = set time in hours 0 .. 23 and minutes 0 .. 59
-hh:mm = set time in offset hours -11 .. 12 and minutes 0 .. 59 (used with Mode 1 and Mode 2)
Window 0..15 = add or subtract a random number of minutes to Time
Days SMTWTFS = set day of weeks mask where 0 or - = OFF and any different character = ON
Repeat 0 = allow timer only once
1 = repeat timer execution
Output 1..16 = select an output to be used if no rule is enabled
Action 0 = turn output OFF
1 = turn output ON
2 = TOGGLE output
If the Tasmota Rules feature has been activated by compiling the code (activated by default in all pre-compiled Tasmota binaries), a rule with Clock#Timer=<timer> will be triggered if written and turned on by the user.
If Rules are not compiled, BLINK output using BlinkCount parameters.