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Projects and Tutorials~

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TrDA's 3xINA219 (Solar+Sensor+Display) TrDA's 3xINA219 (Solar+Sensor+Display)
TrDA's Motorised Roller Blinds TrDA's Motorised Roller Blinds
Solar and battery power monitoring station

Solar and battery power monitoring station
Water tank monitor Water tank monitor
Multisensor image
Aquarium controller Aquarium controller

Installation Tutorials~

Video tutorials~

3D Printed Cases~

Don't have 3D printer? Depending on where you live, you may be able to find a third party to print the model for you. Some schools and public libraries provide printing services. Search for a printing service using 3D Hubs or send your design to a service like Shapeways.
- Thingiverse - Yeggi

Non-English Tutorials~