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SM SO301

SM-SO301 with an FCC ID of 2AJ5F-SM-SO3015 has 4 mains power and 4 USB ports. Each mains power is independently controlled and the USB group is controllable via a solid state relay. The ESP8266 module inside is a TYWE3S by Tuya.

Model purchased SM-SO301 (it seems to change on Amazon and other places, search for the model#). Other resellers may sell the same unit with various mains voltages/plug types.

Also sold under the Vivitar name model HA-1007-ACD (US version). There is also an HA-1007-AU (AUS version).



Flashing and Configuration Pictures~

tywe3s_3 chip_wires

Hold/Attach the GPIO0 wire/pin to ground during initial boot to flash. (TX pin to RX pin and RX pin to TX pin on USB flash adapter)

img_20180726_184232 tas_power1