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Wemos D1 R1 & R2

Wemos D1 Release 1 (R1) and Release 2 (R2)~

Here you can find information for the big brother of the Wemos D1 mini which can be found here.

R1 vs. R2 - The Difference~

  • When you take a look at the figure 1 you will see it with one blink of the eye thet the old Wemos is different against the new version R2. The old version has an ESP8266 12B or 12E model. The new one has an ESP8266 12F model on the pcb board. You see this in the difference of the Wifi antenna. Here is a Wiki link to the different ESP8266 modules. The next part for R2 are the 2x4 solder pins for the serial and I2C interface which is not on the old model R1. The techncal data/specifiactions are the same. SO as you see they look like an Arduino UNO including the stacks to mount different shields. Later I will give more information over shields which i have tested and there are a lot of them.

Figure: WeMos D1 R1 vs. WeMos D1 R2

WeMos D1 R1 vs. WeMos D1 R2