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YTF IR Bridge


OTA flashing~

This device is based on a Tuya Wi-Fi module and may still be flashable with Tuya-Convert.

Serial flashing~

Like most devices, GPIO0 has to be held low during power up to get into flash mode. In the picture below, notice the red jumper wire between IO0 and GND. I soldered it in such a way I could hold it during power on, but release later (basically acts as a button), since it can not be held low if you want normal operation.

img_1140 image img_2323 img_8334 img_3255 img_3282


Introduced in version as YTF IR Bridge (62)

GPIO Component Description
04 LED1i (52) Blue LED - Link status
05 IRrecv (51) IR Receiver
13 Button1 (17) Button
14 IRsend (8) IR Transmitter

IR Codes~

IR Code List